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December 14, 2011


Great to see a post after so long! I'm impressed with your nitpicking abilities. I still enjoy Ebert's movie reviews.

All he does is nitpick! We all know this.

Ebert always makes factual errors in reviews...he's just sloopy or doesn't really watch them...or is doped up.
Two I can list off the top of my head;
Harry Brown with Michael Caine; he mistakes the events surrounding the bayonet of Harry's friend.
And in Mel Gibson flick; Edge of Darkness
He miss states the events around the knock at the door where the hero's daughter gets killed.

And what's worse; when you bother to write to Ebert and tell him, he won't bother to look into it and fix the errors. And I'm talking facts not opinions. I actually went back to scenes to see if I had it wrong myself. Now I know...he's not trustworthy —why is he so popular? Who knows.

And to the turds complaining that this is nitpicking...what do you think Film Reviews do anyways? That's right....nitpick.

It was the 50/50 review that actually had me wondering, not for the first time, whether Roger still actually watches the movies or has someone go for him. Not the only mistake in that review either. When talking about the 50/50 odds he says "would it kill the son of a bitch to make them 60/40?" like it was the oncologist who'd said the odds were 50/50 in the first place when in fact Adam read that on the internet later. I too like reading his reviews but he makes far too many factual errors. All told I prefer James Berardinelli's reviews.


Just watched Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011). I'm now of the opinion that Roger Ebert doesn't actually watch the movies he reviews. Quote from the review of this film "He didn't go to all the cost and trouble of building his dream house, only to hear some girl observe it is way too big for two people." Very true...he didn't build it at all, it's a rental. He built an apartment block in town. What's the point in reading a review written by someone who didn't watch the film?

Brett you and that Fvcking DBZ you haven't changed in 13 years..


I just remember your inspirational barracade story I heard through Landon and I remember you now and again having psychotic episodes

Ebert is indeed known for his factual errors when reviewing films.
It makes me wonder just how well based his impression of a film may be, given as he probably wasn't giving it his full attention.

Not only are his reviews full of errors; he doesn't correct them when you e mail about them to his site.
The one for A Man Without a Past, a Finnish film has 3 errors.

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