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October 31, 2010


This is worth a quarter and an eye roll. Happy Halloween!

Nope. Made my day. So far:
Watkins, my pet lamb, came and got me to save an orphan newborn goat (lone survivor of triplets). New goat is doing well.
Olivia, our first goat, had twins (normal for goats), and they are huge and healthy.
And now, The Worst Ever has a new post. I can't wait for more.
Oh, and the sun is shining outside and life is good for the moment.
It can't get better.

Well, it is a ghost town around here...

Not for long. I have a post in the works.

What's up with the OOTB? Have you heard any news about when it might be up and running again?

Automatic billing error with the hosting company, says Spandau. I would think we'll be up again shortly.

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