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February 08, 2010


pretty good copy and paste job on those check marks!

There must be more. Shouldn't Stallone have a movie or three that passes these tests? I never saw "Rocky Balboa" but isn't Adrian dead? Is the love interest a single mom? In "Over the Top," is the kid his son or is his mom a single mother?

Any chance of posting a weekly link to and snippet from your Mountain Times columns? It'd be nice to have a logical place to comment.

On your latest, I am surprised you enjoyed so many lauded films this year. Can you expand on how DISTRICT 9 is racist? I failed to pick up on that or don't agree with you, not sure which.

I was going to mention the Oscar column here, but I forgot. Oh well. Mostly, though, I want to convince myself to write some original content for this blog. I don't want it to become an advertisement for my column. Feel free to write a comment about the column on any blog entry, though -- I will see it.

All the black people in District 9 are menacing, crazy, heartless, disgusting, violent savages, aren't they? Their women actually have sex with the Prawns, and this behavior is meant to reveal not open-mindedness but repulsively low standards -- the aliens here don't look like the ones in "Avatar," and Blomkamp knows we'll react with revulsion. The black men are wild-eyed, lip-licking cannibals. They are meant to inspire terror and loathing. Isn't Blomkamp, like Joseph Conrad or somebody, just playing on our old-fashioned fears of the bloodthirsty, voodoo-practicing natives of the Dark Continent? As I recall it, the black characters are even photographed in badly lit places most of the time just to make their skin darker and scarier -- they're made to look like Venom from "Spider-Man."

By my count, I liked half (six of twelve) of the movies that I covered in the column, which actually is OK. I hadn't realized it, but maybe it wasn't such a bad year for movies. If I had seen "An Education" before submitting the column, though, that would have gotten a negative review. I may write about that one here later.

I will watch D9: The Mighty Prawns again and get back to you.

It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.

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