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June 21, 2008


It's clear to me that I'm too old for the video. Still, I listened because a comparison was mde to Roland Gift. Frankly, I really don't see any similarity there.

Lastly, i have to comment on your observation "But, as far as I can tell, everything really important that ever happens to anyone happens to him when he's alone." This seems very wrong to me. I would argue that one's relationships are very likely the most important part of one's life and the moments in which relationships form, change, or end almost always involve the presence of somebody else. While one could argue that the end of a relationship is a moment of spiritual aloneness, I can't see how you would say the same for the moment in which a relationship starts or grows.

I liked your comment about Jason Biggs' character's similarity to Holden Caufield. I would have similarly extrapolated this similarity to the voice of the song.

Otherwise I have to disagree with you, and my disagreement starts with your description of Holden as "scummy". I would use the term "dirtbag" less rigigly. I think that a teenage dirtbag might be more than just someone who is physically unkept but someone whose worth is undervalued or undefined.

"People look at me and think I am crap on the inside. I don't know what's in there that's worth using, everyone else seems to have it all figured out." (I wish I had the skill to put that idea to the song but I don't)

You see the Biggs' character and the singer comparing themselves to people who have specific roles which they are filling, and the dirtbag finds himself undefined, unlabeled in a world that loves its labels. In the end when the perfect girl comes to the protagonist and says "i'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby/ like you" she shows that the 'perfect girl' label the protagonist put on her is not what she sees herself as. She is over defined in contrast to the dirtbag's under-definition, the idealized one has the same problems as the dirtbag. Of course those would never be the words she would use, the term "dirtbag". "I have difficulty limiting myself to one stereotype and don't really feel like I fit in anywhere baby, like you."

I think the point of the whole "Loser" movie and the similar, non-emo, teen angst move is that people want to sort and define things and as a teenager when you try and sort yourself and you find you don't fit anywhere perfectly, it can be very uncomfortable. The song is about self objectification, and fitting in.

All of this having been said. I think the theme is universal, and I think the song is catchy. But, that is not enough to make it a good song.

(four years later, love to the internet)

A lot of teenagers way back loved this song and kinda related to it. My friend liked this song so much because he thought he was a loser and just a dirt bag. Thankfully, he doesn't think that way now. =)

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